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Must Pack List

Usual plates, cutlery, saucepans and frying pans
Double skillet (never used)
Bottle openers, can openers
Fish slice, stirring spoons, ladles, etc
Knives in all shapes and sizes
Tin foil and cling film
Grilletto BBQ
Two small gas burners with gas canisters
Salad spinner
Various bowls and Tupperware containers
Bobble water filter bottles 

Two Lafuma recliners, very comfortable sun loungers
Two fold up director chairs
Large & small roll up tables
Two windbreaks
Two sea fishing rods, reels and rod rest with associated tackle
Snorkel and flippers
Kindles x 2
Water colour painting set

Motorhome Equipment
Fold away bin
Levelling Blocks
Two tyre mats made out of old bread baskets
Wheel chock
Windblocker nets
Water carriers
Bio tablets for the toilet
Moscoil mosquito repellent
Miners lamp filled with citronella oil

Toolbox containing screwdrivers, spanners, pliers, wire cutters etc
Cable ties
Duct tape
Soldering iron
Assorted lengths of wire
Tow rope
Thin rope
Broom, dustpan and brush
Spare screen wash, antifreeze and engine oil
Windscreen washing kit (Brillo pad, sponge and cloth)
Spare batteries AA and AAA

Guide Books:
All the Aires – The French aires that is.
Reisemobile Stellplatz – In German but not too difficult to decipher. Two books, one is just for Germany and the other is for the rest of Europe.
Lonely Planet – Europe on a Shoestring
The Big Sites Book – Camping & Caravanning Club Guide to Club Sites, Commercial Sites and Certificated Sites in UK
General guides to France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands. 


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