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Barcelona Part 3

Friday 28th November

No trip to Barcelona is complete without a visit to Sagrada Familia, another Gaudi masterpiece, still being built and not due for completion until 2026. The Sagrada was consecrated by Pope Benedict XVI in 2010 as a minor basilica as distinct from a cathedral which must be the seat of a bishop.

Gaudi took his inspiration for the design from nature, inside photos look like forests but as for Casa Battle, the photos barely do this building justice, it is so large and interesting you just don’t know where to look next.

MG 2980


MG 2982

MG 2983

MG 2984

MG 2995

MG 2998

MG 2999

MG 3003

MG 3006

MG 3009

MG 3010

MG 3025

MG 3036

MG 3037

MG 3038

MG 3045

MG 3051

We took the tour up the towers. All tickets are sold by time slot so you need to be at the right place at the right time. We weren’t sure when we would be arriving so had to queue for tickets but it is November, the queues are shorter and we didn’t have to wait very long. If you go in the summer buy your tickets online.

MG 3065

MG 3070

MG 3076

MG 3081

MG 3085

MG 3087

This model shows the building that has been completed in grey and in white what still needs to be done. It is so impressive at the moment, the final structure will be amazing.

Did our letter arrive? No and there is no post at the weekend so we are here until Monday now. It’s raining but that hasn’t stopped next door from putting up a washing line and hanging out their washing! I had to wind in the awning in the middle of the night as the wind was getting up a bit. Looks like there is a big low sitting over Spain at the moment which could take a while to clear.

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    1. Mark Post author

      Most of the info comes from Google or if we’ve been lucky they give us a leaflet. We also have some of the guidebooks, Baedekers’ Spain is pretty good. Photos are half luck, half being in the right place and half Lightroom enhanced. Don’t believe everything you see!

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