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Das Romantische Strasse

Tuesday 20th September

Parking next to the river and letting Frankie have lovely views is all very well but it does stop the solar panel working and since the batteries were getting low we managed to wrangle a visit to Darren and Mandy’s van and had another fantastic evening swapping bullshit stories and drinking Federweisser.

MG 8198

Next morning I fed in some of the towns along our romantic route and off we went aiming for Rothenburg ob der Tauber. As you know, Stella has her own ideas of which way to go and since the brown signs were not as frequent as I expected we did travel down some odd roads but so far, after 50 miles or so, I can say that I am enjoying the drive. At this time of the year there is little traffic and we have been through some lovely countryside and past through some very scenic towns. I’ve had to let Lucy use my camera and I think she has been doing a wonderful job, it’s not easy framing a shot, focusing and missing the trees and poles whilst Frankie is hurtling along at 80mph. Above is Traberbischoffsheim, we didn’t stop but many of the churches in this area have very similar towers.

MG 8199

Along the route there was a bit of traffic, lots of banners and signs for parking so we pulled in and found a cross between the Ideal Home Exhibition, Dagenham Market and the Kursaal in Southend (as was).

MG 8200

Lucy is a dab hand and picking her way through the essential knick knacks that we need. In one of the tents were lots of home improvement stands and somehow we got talking to one of the stall holders. He said that my German was very pretty – he is now my favourite German ever.

MG 8201

Lucy found the sweet stand, as we knew she would. I nearly bought her a love heart with “Ich liebe dich” but she wasn’t interested. (I spelt checked and then double checked the writing on the love heart, it’s not my fault that your German ist nicht gut).

MG 8207

Another town, another lovely building, this is in Schaftersheim.

MG 8213

And here we are arrived in Rothemberg. The stellplatz takes 50 motorhomes (and one caravan), it has all the services plus toilets and is 100 yards from this part of the old wall of the town. It costs €10 per night, bit steep really but the town itself more than makes up for it. Our guidebook says that this place is tourist trap heaven and it is right but as one of the best preserved medieval towns in the world it can be forgiven.

MG 8215

Anywhere you point a camera will give you a pleasant photo.

MG 8216

Part of the city walls, over a mile long, you can walk the complete circuit.

MG 8219

We’re not sure if these displays are for the harvest or just a month early for Halloween.

MG 8221

I suspect it is the harvest, all the crops are reaching full maturity, the sunflowers have just turned there heads, sweetcorn is looking very healthy, roadside stalls are full of pumpkins and squashes and the surrounding fields are just full of food.

MG 8223

Pretty buildings with window boxes.

MG 8226

More pretty buildings. There are lots of shops and they have signs hanging outside. 

MG 8231

This really is a tourist place, it is full of Americans and Japanese (many of the shop signs are in Japanese) but I think it is worth visiting despite that.

MG 8232

Rothenburg is famous for Schneeball cakes, large round cakes and I’ve been given my orders to buy some tomorrow, it has been nearly three days since the last cake so about time I suppose.

MG 8233

The main square.

MG 8236

More buildings. So far we have only walked up and down the high street. We can see lovely buildings to the left and right of us and it is so difficult to know when to stop taking photos so this is an early warning that you should be getting more photos of this town tomorrow.

MG 8237

MG 8238

MG 8241

The butchers window full of preserved meats of all descriptions. Problem is we don’t know if you can eat it as is or you have to cook it and then if it does need cooking what you need to do. 

MG 8242

MG 8243

A couple of days ago I told you that I had bought some German cider and I can now let you know the results of my taste test. All I really need to say is that Germany isn’t very famous for it’s cider and that there is a very good reason for that – enough said, learn by my mistakes.

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    1. Mark Post author

      Guilty as charged. I’m really trying hard to slow down but our guide book wasn’t very flattering about Trauberbischoffsheim. It does leave us something to do next time though!

    1. Mark Post author

      Our management team insist on having one each, just been shopping and come home with four. Think she will test them al out and then decide if she likes them.

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