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Decs are up!

16th December

Lucy’s haircut last week worked out alright. There was one tricky bit when they asked how she wanted it, shoulder length and in layers please. The shoulder length was easy enough but they really didn’t understand the layers. In the end I improvised, said “Filo” and that seemed to work. 

There was an Xmas Fete happening in the town so we went for a wander. All the usual Xmas stuff, mulled wine, decorations, cheeses, chorizo, etc but also lots of things for children. There were 15 to 20 tables with things like giant Jenga, skittles, colouring, dominoes and round the corner a long line of craft stalls.

IMG 20161210 115146297

Stone carving…

IMG 20161210 115156975

…bowl making…

IMG 20161210 115212337

…metal working…

IMG 20161210 115230631

…and glass blowing.

IMG 20161210 115115815

What was particularly nice was that the children were allowed to help where it was safe to do so, here is a youngster doing some blacksmithing…

IMG 20161210 114924119

…another clog making…

IMG 20161210 114952079

…tile Painting…

IMG 20161210 115126164


IMG 20161210 115237725

…and another child potting. There was also basket making.

On Sunday we moved on to the sister site of Pinedas at Criexal and stayed there for two nights. It was nice enough but there was nothing in the area except for the beach. During the Summer it would be ideal due to the shade from the trees, we had managed to get the only sunny pitch. Strange thing was that there were 30 places, we were by ourselves, so guess where the next two vans parked.


Tuesday we moved on to Peniscola, a large thriving busy town in the Summer but almost everything is closed at this time of year. The castle on the rock just off the beach is where lots of filming is done. Films that we recognised were El Cid filmed in 1961 and Game of Thrones, Series 6 filmed last year(?). Inside there were lots of twisty narrow streets with shops round every corner. All closed up of course.


We spotted this fish ball in the river, some of these fish were very large, more than enough to feed the pair of us. They could be Grey Lipped Mullet, unless someone knows any better.


At last we have arrived at Monmar, we’ll be staying for 26 nights and so far, so good. The site is a mile from the local supermarkets where diesel is selling for €1.02 a litre. We have a tree on each corner, we are three doors down from the stewards and five doors from the toilets and showers. The toilets have seats and toilet paper and everything is kept spotless. Showers have hot water 24 hours a day (big difference from Avignon). Just past the toilet block is the swimming pool and to the right of the people standing in the middle of the road is the bar where we can pick up free wifi.

At the end of the road is the site entrance and the beach (stony but clean) is 200 yards away. We have a washing up point behind the motorhome with electric, water and waste water all permanently plumbed in and there is a very cheap launderette. Dogs are not allowed on the site which suits us fine – if only there were more considerate dog owners!

When we arrived we had just missed the bike ride to the local nature reserve but we’ve been to the whist drive and tapas afternoon. Something is arranged every day, tonight is a quiz night and tomorrow is coffee morning and a visit to a bar. There are about 15 vans here, apparently it all starts picking up after Xmas and the weather improves, I’ve managed to sit outside in shorts and t-shirt a couple of times but it rained this morning and hasn’t really warmed up. Tomorrow is forecast to be very wet.


All the decorations are up and I think you can truly agree that I have made a stunning job of arranging everything.

3 thoughts on “Decs are up!

  1. Val and Andrew

    Hello Wanderers see you’ve been busy hair cut and decs up what a team, have yourself a well earned drink you must be bushed …. keep up the blog it does make me laugh on these cold winter nights …Wishing you 2 sun seekers a lovely warm Christmas and all the best 2017 . oooh just found out I have got to work Christmas morning to help fund your tax shenanigans same as last year then .ho hum .

    1. Mark Post author

      Keep up the good work, we really appreciate the effort that you are putting into the British economy so that we can laze about. Big day for us today – visit to the laundry. Hope you both had a great Xmas and have a brilliant new year celebration. Keep warm.

    2. Mark Post author

      We would both like to thank you for your time and efforts in aiding the British economy and allowing us to sit in the sun all day.
      Hope you got everything you asked for from Santa and hope you have a great new year.
      Keep warm.

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