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Thursday 22nd September

I write this blog so that I can keep up with which day it is and Lucy reads the blog just to see what we’ve been doing today. Not having to work anymore means that our brains are starting to shrivel up and forget everything. This afternoon we were chatting to fellow travellers and couldn’t remember where we had stopped for lunch (an hour earlier) other than it started with a D and was rather nice.

MG 8292

It turns out that the name is Dinkelsbuhl, another medieval town with defensive walls and plenty of towers and fortified gates, a count up on the town map shows 20 odd.

MG 8293

MG 8294

MG 8296

The town is not as pretty as Rothenburg, maybe we should have visited this town first, gone wow and then been able to go wow again at Rothenburg but it is still worth visiting. We just popped in for a couple of hours before lunch and found it to be far less touristy than Rothnburg.

MG 8297

MG 8299

MG 8301

The main church here is St Georg, large enough to be a cathedral really since it is 235 feet in length. Note the complex fan vaulting that spreads sinuously across the ceiling.

MG 8305

Four of these panels were spread around the church.

MG 8307

And the alter was beautifully carved.

MG 8310

Another town gate.

MG 8315

And another. Particularly nice was that they were all different designs.

The Town Hall richly decorated and with lovely window boxes, can’t imagine Havering council doing this.

Dinkelsbuhl was just a lunchtime stop over, we were aiming for Nordlingen and after a few diversions we arrived in the aire, €3 per night, and needing to give my camera shutter finger a rest decided to visit the supermarket which was 200 yards away. Found some federweisser and a red version as well which tastes just like federweisser but with a squirt of ribena. Only trouble is that it doesn’t last, the litre bottles it comes in are far too small, and it has unfortunate effects on your digestive system which is why we don’t let Lucy drink it.

Tomorrow’s plan is to visit Nordlingen and bring you loads more (nearly) true facts in the morning and then go and get some more federweisser.

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