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Dun sur Meuse to Petit Eberviller (95 miles)

After writing last nights write up the aires lady came round asking for €7 site fee. This included electric so we took full advantage and charged everything up that we could. We also emptied the waste bin and cleared out a few empties.

Last night the thunder and lightening turned to rather heavy rain and the sound of it bashing against the roof of the motorhome meant that we could no longer hear Game of Thrones on the laptop. Genius had the bright idea of plugging the laptop into the stereo system so we had lots of sound coming out of all four motorhome speakers. We also couldn’t hear the church bells ringing out the hours until of course, we had Game of Thrones overload and decided to call it a night. Every hour on the hour and then a little bit extra at 7am just to make sure you’re awake and ready to hit the road.
Again we are up at the crack of dawn and raring to go. Washed breakfasted, tidied up and ready to go by 9am.
First things first are to fill up with diesel. There was a petrol station on our route but it was 10 miles away. Since our computer said we still had 60 miles worth of diesel in the tank we went for it breathing a huge sigh of relief when the sign came into view. Only slight problem was that it was unmanned and only taking credit cards. It let us put €70 worth in the tank and Lucy was very impressed that I had managed to work out all the button presses all by myself. I forgot to tell her that it recognised that it was a UK card and all the directions were in English.
Our route took us first to Verdun although we didn’t stop and then onto Metz. The aire could only take 8 units and we managed to find the only space available, we have been very lucky so far. We packaged up a lunch to take with us and went in search of retail opportunities. We wandered and wandered looking in shop windows at sparkly stuff and enormous displays of Easter eggs which are still in the window. One of the eggs that caught Lucy’s eye was priced up at €395. I’m not sure if that included it’s after Easter special discount price.
The aire itself was fine enough, next to the Moselle river but it didn’t really “rock my boat” and wasn’t somewhere that I would want to stay overnight. As we left I noticed that there was only one van left so it wasn’t just me.
We made out way to another French Passion site 30 miles further on from Metz, the idea being that we will head north in the morning into Germany. This French Passion is situated in the cleanest farm yard I have ever seen. They sell meat and were very happy when i bought some of their sausages (1.5kg to be precise, I couldn’t decide between them so had the lot) and a bottle of very nice Beaujolais which Lucy doesn’t like so even better. In Metz there was a campsite right behind the aire charging over €20 a night, we have a site for the night for €18 with three meals and a bottle of wine thrown in for free. We also have some church bells which are sounding every quarter – you can’t win them all.
Word of the Day – Imbecile, i’m sure that’s what the little Frenchman in his Peugeot said.
Mistake of the Day – pulling out in front of a little Frenchman in his Peugeot.

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