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Sunday 2nd November

Last night everything was very quiet, people turned up to the hall and there was a speech that got a good cheer so I went to bed about 10pm and Lucy followed a bit later. 11.30pm was when the music kicked off but they would play a bit of music and then it would all go quiet, and then start again. At 1.30am lots of cars drove off followed shortly by some more and then at 2am there was a huge cheer and the party really started. Two hours of French Garage until 4pm when it all went quiet again until the morning.

We were waiting for the 7am church jazz festival to start but there was nothing and it was gone 9am before we got up and realised what the time was. After breakfast we decided to head down towards Limoges, the weather wasn’t too great and it didn’t take long for the heavens to open. Luckily we were on the motorway so it was easy driving with no traffic and we made it to our current location, Razes, Lac de St Pardoux (Number 230, Limousin & Auvergne) which is just north of Limoges by 11am.

There is a service point and space for 15 units but the service point takes tokens and the token shop doesn’t open until 1.30pm on Sundays. We’ve still got no water so the washing up is stacking up a bit.


It looks like this is a day out destination for the citizens of Limoges. We are on the edge of a large lake set in pine forests and large hills/small mountains. In July and August there is a regular bus service to the lake which has a lovely sandy beach, walks and bike routes around the area.

We’re thinking about staying here a couple of days, there is no internet service at all and there is a 24 hour limit to how long we can stay here but the place is deserted. In the Summer, or when the sun is shining this place looks like it would be lovely. At the moment it is chucking it down but we don’t care, it’s all warm and snuggly in Frankie.


Looking through Frankies windscreen you can see the lake.

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