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Getting excited 

Sorry I haven’t blogged for rather a long time now, 6 months or more but we’ve been in the UK and whilst lots has happened it’s not really been travelling news. 

Quick run down though. We rushed back home in February due to Lucy’s mum being ill and sadly she passed away in April. 

We’ve been to the Peterborough Motorhome Show and spent loads of money (and had loads of money spent on us – thanks Dave and Liz,  we really don’t deserve friends like you). 

We spent a couple of weeks just outside Ilfracombe on a temporary holiday site (THS)  with East Essex, a couple of weeks in Lymington on another THS, a week in Southwold on a THS, four weeks stewarding a THS in Sea Palling (a fantastic place to unwind) and we’ve been to a couple of other weekend meets.

Our granddaughter, Darcy, on the beach at Sea Palling. 

The big news is that we’ve bought ferry tickets for the end of this month. We’re sailing Dover to Dunkirk with DFDS (never tried this route before) and we have tickets for the Dusseldorf Motorhome Show. 

We have a day free so at the moment we’re looking at visited Ghent since our Fodor guide made it look very interesting. After the motorhome show the current plan is to head south through the Rhine Valley, then take the Romantische route, head through Austria and into Italy hopefully reaching Florence. You know how fluid our plans are so don’t get upset if it all changes. 

We have to be back in the UK mid January to help our daughter as she gives birth to a second grandchild. 

I’m sending this from my tablet and hope that it gets automatically posted on to Facebook. Fingers crossed – publish. 

12 thoughts on “Getting excited 

  1. Monkey

    I’ve used the Dunkerque route a couple of times, no problem takes a bit longer & more of a drive the other side if you’re heading south but if time is not important its good value

  2. Nora

    Sorry for your troubles.

    Missed your blogs and glad you are back on the road..

    Romanticshe route lovely and also around Fussan.

  3. Deg3y

    All ok on FB, lovely seeing you both at Sea Palling, as you said a really lovely site with the cleanest beaches I have ever seen.
    Good luck with your German, Austria, Italy & where ever you decide to go, have a great trip & see you next year.

  4. Ann McLaren

    Hope you have a wonderful trip. We tried most ways across France and Germany is large. If you can make the municipal camp site near Colditz Castle it was only about a miles walk from the castle through a rather damp wood but we loved the people who were running it and the whole Castle bit. Vianden in Luxembourg is also worth including a small town with every thing a shallow river, great restaurant, castle and ski lift.. Enjoy. Keep sending the blogs.
    Love from us both. XXX

    1. Mark Post author

      I’ve been looking at German castles and totally forgot about Colditz, thank you so much for reminding me. Hope that you are both feeling better soon, love you lots.

  5. Ian

    Good to see you back on the road, we have just started and the first aire we stayed at was at Embry from your first trip and it was a lovely introduction to French Aires thank you.

  6. Giorgio

    Dear Mark and Lucy,

    Good to hear from you and belated condolences concerning Lucy’s mum.
    I am looking forward to your new posts.

    With Murray winning both Wimbledon and gold (one of many for team GB) in Rio 2016, more excitement is in order.

    Thank you also for discovering so many places I was not aware of and to complement them with lovely sets of photos.

    Safe travels

  7. Elaine Moody

    Hi there. Just back from our own mini Europe trip of 2500m in 3 weeks. Andernach (cold water geyser), Heidelberg, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Aschaffenburg, Spa Grand Prix. Looking forward to joining you in retirement, had a look at the Romantic road and its on the wish list. Have a good one looking forward to following you again. x

    1. Mark Post author

      Some of those places are already on our hit list, I’ll add the rest when we get back to Frankie. Glad you enjoyed yourselves, missed you this year but will catch up with you next year.

  8. katheirne clune

    Used to have a holiday cottage in Ingham Corner so know Sea palling really well … lovely place. Best bacon rolls and donuts from Deb in the mini amusement arcade (if she’s still there).

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