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Going Home

Monday 1st February

We left the aire at La Linea on Friday morning aiming for a place called Puerto de La Duquesa.

MG 7719

You can see how awful this place is. Next to the sea wall, a marina in the distance, the sun is shining and it’s starting to get very warm.

MG 7714

There are good walks in both directions along the coast. Going south you’ll find Camping Bellavista at just €28 per night! 

MG 7715

And going north you walk past lots of holiday homes, small apartments and lots, and lots of British people.

MG 7716

At the marina there were two Indian, three Chinese, a Mexican, two fish and chips and a carvery restaurant. Lots of bars, all filled mostly with British ex pats. It was a bit too British for my liking and I really couldn’t imagine living there but we stayed here for three days only having to leave because we were running low on water. There was a water tap by the parking but we didn’t spot it until we were on our way out.

Whilst sitting in one of the bars we had a call from our daughter, Emma who had just been to visit Lucy’s mum, Pat. Pat isn’t too well at the moment so we have decided to return home to be nearer to her and offer what help we can. We expect to be back home in a week or two.

There is only one place that I have always wanted to visit, it is on our way home and we have found a parking place with services and free wifi just outside of the city. We’ll get a bus in tomorrow and let you know how we get on.

8 thoughts on “Going Home

  1. Thomas burrell

    I am sorry to hear of your bad news I wish you a safe journey I will miss your wonderfull blogs thank you for them the weather hear in Ireland is desperate I have quite bad austiarthritis and it has got really bad in the last few days I hope to leave for Spain or Portugal in a couple of weeks for some relief regards Tom

    1. Mark Post author

      Thank you for your kind words. Not looking forward to returning and needing to wear trousers and jumpers again. The weather had just started warming up nicely and it should really help with your joint pains. My knee has already come out in sympathy so we will only be doing 150 to 200 miles a day.
      Hope you have a great time when you get here.

  2. Ann Mclaren

    Only just got this blog on the IPad. We do hope you have found Lucy’s Mum is coping. I expect she has been helped loads by knowing Lucy is now close by. We are on our way back to Essex after visiting Cofton near Dawlish and for the 2nd time Stonehenge Camping. The quiet time is 10pm till 8 am but on these dark days that works out fine. We should hit Danbury tomorrow. Love to you both. Ann and Wric

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