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Goodbye portimao

Thursday 26th March

At last, we have nearly, finally, maybe, decided to move on. It could be tomorrow all being well.

Portimao has been a great place for us, it’s very cheap, it’s very clean, the beaches are superb and we have had internet so we have been able to keep in contact with my solicitor regarding the lease of the shop. Monday we had some excellent news followed up by todays news which wasn’t so good but not disastrous. 

We’ve been here for 5 weeks and the total cost, all food, site fees, gas, drinks, etc has been in the region of €700. That’s about £100 per week, if only we could keep to a budget like that then my solicitors bill would be something to laugh at!!


Flies – I hate flies, really hate them but we have been blessed with nearly no flying things at all. The last mossie was last year in France, last big fly was at Xmas back in Spain and hardly any wasps, we might see one every other week. 

If you book in here for 30 days it will cost you €55, £1.35 per day.

It’s a short cycle ride to Pingo Doce, a pretty large supermarket with daily and weekly offers and slightly further to Lidl, all on flat tracks and easy going.


This was one of the motorhomes that we were going to look at until Lucy saw Frankie and fell in love. It’s a bit long, would never have got round Sorbas, but can you see what they have turned the garage into?


Nice ladder!

MG 3823

Surprisingly the eclipse reached us. We sat out with a mirror reflecting onto the motorhome in front of us while we ate our breakfast, this was about as good a photo as I could get.

MG 3825

Every where is starting to gear up for the Easter rush. On the beach they are setting out sun chairs and parasols. Some of the Portuguese have taken off their scarves and gloves in recognition of the arrival of Spring.

MG 3827

The restaurants have had a lick of paint and are gradually opening. The looky looky men are out in force trying to sell sunglasses and leather belts (why leather belts?). I went for a walk the other day, was asked to buy sunglasses, only €5 but for me €4, but it’s cloudy I say – do you want some hash he asked? 

MG 3829

It’s going to look lovely full of holiday makers. More important information – come at this time of year and there are no kids!!

MG 3835

I had a complaint from Sue O’Meara about the last blog saying there were no photos. All of these photos are for you.

MG 3844

MG 3852

MG 3873

MG 3902

MG 3922

MG 3944

MG 3950

MG 3954

Tomorrow we are planning on moving on to Lagos. I need to get Lucy up slightly earlier than normal, we have a couple of bread wagons that come round at 8.30am tooting their horns so I’ll see if I can get her to buy us a baguette. I’ll let you know how I get on.

One thought on “Goodbye portimao

  1. Susan O'Meara

    Thanks for that, should be there Sunday or monday, so just will miss you.
    If interested in waves, Nazare is a place with investigating, and may be on your route.
    Safe travels, Sue

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