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Thursday 18th December

We left El Campello on Saturday morning heading for an aire that Sophie and Adam had recommended but once we arrived it was a rocky outcrop right on the front but with no real redeeming features. There were a couple of other vans there but it felt really isolated and there was a little whiff in the aire 🙂

Obviously we stopped for lunch and watched the cormorants drying their wings. I think they had better luck than the fishermen sitting on the front.

Whilst we were at Benecassim we had spoken to a couple who had recommended a place just a couple of miles down the road so that is where we headed next. Luckily the “No Camping” signs didn’t put us off and we ended up in a large car park on three levels, big RV’s in the first two levels and us little un’s in the top. We have had a view of the sea over the dunes and the police came round three or four times a day to make sure we were behaving ourselves.


We’ve got British neighbours either side, Ben and Debs on our left we’d seen at El Campello and Mike and Di on the right who have been travelling for seven years. They invited us in for mulled wine and four bottles of wine, a bottle of Baileys, brandy and amaretto later we crawled back to our van and went to bed (it was ten past six). The following day was completely wasted with severe hangovers all round (except for Lucy).


We’re in Gran Alicante, we can see Alicante to the north and every so often we’ll see a plane take off or land from Alicante airport. The town itself seems to be holiday apartments with a very long wide promenade along the front, lots of building works but very few shops or restaurants.


Between the promenade and the beach are large sand dunes with walkways to protect the dunes. Once on the beach the beaches were long and clean and sandy.


We ended up spending five days on this site. We spent a total of €16.50 and had a great time. We didn’t have any wifi so internet access has been impossible, even phone signal was a bit iffy at times. We do seem to have a small problem with the solar panel in that it really isn’t keeping pace with our demands. Bearing in mind that we managed to go to bed before we had to switch any lights on one night we only just made the five days. After doing some research it looks like I have the wrong regulator and need to change it for one designed to be plugged into our control box. It works, just not as well as it could.


After five days we needed to think about emptying the toilets and grey waste and recharge the batteries so found an aire not far from Murcia, it was a 50 mile drive, mostly along dual carriageway so not too hard. Why is it that the days we pick to move are the hottest?

We found our new home and settled in in-between hordes of Dutch and Germans. The photo above is “our tree”, there is one on the corner of each plot. Has anyone got any lemon recipes, we don’t want them all to go to waste. As it got dark the owner came round lighting candles, again one at each plot. It’s €12 per night including toilet, showers, services and wifi. We’ve got a market just down the road tomorrow and there is a chance of a bike ride into Murcia until someone tells Lucy how far it is. The weather is far hotter here than it has been on the coast, better than Clacton “The Sunshine Coast” on Sea.

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