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Tuesday 28th April

The aire at Vilalba was smack bang in the middle of the town and not the most inviting place to stay although after a few beers in Tony’s Bar everything did look much better. However, being in the middle of the town surrounded by flats meant that everyone in the town has to sleep nearby and it was almost silent at night until 7.30am when they started setting up the small market at the other side of the parking area.

MG 4522

We moved onto Lugo, an important point on the St James’s pilgrim route and where we nearly had our second road accident (the first was backing off into a ravine back in France). Stella was saying turn right in 200 yards, 100 yards, etc so I got into the right hand lane at the next set of traffic lights. Just to the side of the yellow car in the photo above. She was saying turn right soon but I could see that it wasn’t the first turning. The problem was that I was in the filter lane and the lights for the filter changed. It isn’t obvious from the photo but this was a steep hill and I just about managed a perfect hill start but not wanting the first turning went for the second one not realising that it was no entry. I got most of the way around the corner before the ear splitting scream from the passenger seat confirmed what I already knew.

No choice but to back around the corner with the scream still going full blast and then try to do another hill start. Lots and lots of wheel spin and no forward motion and then the smell of burning tyres which only made the scream even louder, it didn’t help when Stella joined in. 

MG 4520

And here we are on an aire at the top of the world. The French next to us buzzed of after lunch and we’ve just been joined by a German van. It is noisy at the moment but that is the sound of a strimmer being used in the very large park behind us – hope he isn’t doing overtime today.

MG 4500

And look what we found in the park – it’s a Hydrangea tree, says Lucy. I think she made it up, Mum will let us know.

MG 4501

As I was taking photos one of the groundsmen came over and pulled a big clump off and gave it to Lucy. I was going to leave her with him but it’s her turn to cook dinner tonight.

MG 4503

Cash strapped Lugo Council have supplied their parking wardens with Segways so they can ticket more cars and generate a huge income. I think he should have a camera mounted on the top of his head, that would be a cut price version of a camera car.

MG 4504

And this is the main reason to visit Lugo. Roman fortifications built in the 3rd century stretch for over 2km completely encircling the town centre.

MG 4506

They were given UNESCO World Heritage status in 2000 as “the finest example of late Roman fortifications in western Europe.”

MG 4507

We managed to get round most of the circuit but it was getting on for beer o’clock and there’s no stopping Lucy once she realises what the time is.

MG 4509

Does this view of the wall remind you of anything? In 2007 these walls were twinned with another wall, the Great Wall of China.

MG 4511

Other than the usual tourist tat, this shop was chock a block with witches. We’ve got no idea why but we have seen a lot of witches over the last couple of days.

MG 4512

And a close up of one of the balconies from the shop.

MG 4515

Granny Lucy got to chat with Darcy last night and is counting down the minutes until she can squeeze her again (7 weeks today) so every shop with kids stuff gets a good examination. Luckily the shop was closed because she would have bought all five pairs.

MG 4516

How’s this for a letter box? There were five of them in a line for different places, local, national, international, intergalactic and this one, all other places.

MG 4518

Walking back to Frankie after a hard earned lunch, and I had to work overtime at the first place we stopped at to get served, and this is a view of the park. It is enormous with lots of groundsmen tending the plants and trees.

MG 4519

And another pigeon loft. Our plan to move inland nearly paid off, we’ve just had 24 hours without rain but it has now caught us up again.

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