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Wednesday 19th April

Looking through the guide books last night we realised that we had missed out on seeing a couple of things in Freiburg.

First off, we had walked around the Cathedral, but should have entered and also climbed the tower to see the splendid views. The Cathedral is described as the jewel in the Black Forest Crown (or some such). The other highlight is the funicular railway up to the fort with spectacular views across the Rhine Valley.

All was looking good first thing in the morning, there was blue in the sky so I went and paid for another night. Just as I returned to Frankie the heavens opened and let out a couple of tones of hailstones.

Walking into town with hats, scarves and gloves we could barely see the mountains that seemed so close yesterday therefore a trip on the funicular would be wasted.

MG 0958

Forgot to show you these culverts running throughout the city. Yesterday some of the children had little boats on string which they were sailing up and down whilst the adults were trying not to trip and fall in them.

MG 0959

Lucy made us stop and look in the chocolate shop for what seemed like ages, she thought I might take a hint but couldn’t see any prices so I knew it was well above my means. The third one in with the Smarties did look inviting though.

MG 0960

Another small culvert outside a toyshop.

I keep seeing fellow motorhomers with leather clogs which are great for just slipping on and walking around in. My last pair of slouchy shoes finally died after being worn everyday for three years and their replacement has been less than brilliant so we went looking. Found some for €17.90 which look like they will do just the job. Note that they weren’t €17.99, a silly British trick that doesn’t fool anyone, I’ve noticed similar pricing a few times in Germany.

I’ve also noticed that dogs are allowed into all of the shops, it’s a bit disconcerting to be trying a pair of shoes on with a dog sniffing your old shoes!

MG 0962

We made it to the cathedral, the front doors were very nice but inside there was a service going on and it was dark so I couldn’t get any photos. And then we find out that the tower is closed until March 2018 whilst they carry on finishing it all off. The two things that we really wanted to see were denied us.

MG 0963

Made up for it with a beer of the day. Today I have gone for the Kristal-weizzen, a clear wheat beer served with fruit (a slice of lemon). Lucy has gone for Alt (old) beer which as far as she is concerned is as good as dunkels.

MG 0966

A coupe of very large bottles of San Clemente Monte Pulciano d’Abruzzo. I think I’ll stay with my 10 litre boxes of wine, the one I’m drinking says it will last six weeks but I don’t think it’s going to last much longer than a week.

MG 0968

After walking past the station three times, it was only on the fourth trip that we noticed the huge circular bike station. 

MG 0969

I offered to let Lucy have a haircut, she politely refused.

Since getting back to Frankie I’ve had a count up of my shoes. It appears that I now have, including wellies, walking boots, trainers, flip flops, beach shoes and smart shoes, a total of 14 pairs of shoes, hence the blog title.

Also since getting back to Frankie the sun has come out and it has warmed up a bit (it’s a tropical 8ºC outside now).

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