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Le Mans or Bust

Thursday 12th June


We ended up staying for five days at Saumur despite us having to pay €5.40 per night, sometimes you’re in the right place at the right time and it’s worth paying.

We moved on to La Suze sur Sartre, about 50 miles north of Saumur and guess who we found there? Clive Brooker doing his international tour which just means zooming all over France. I’m going to have to stop meeting up with East Essex DA mates, I always get a headache the next morning, they are a very bad influence and make me overdose on red wine and beer.


We spent a couple of very nice days here, not too much to see but the sun was out, our chairs were out, nice walk, two good homemade meals and a catch up with the gossip.

MG 5073

On Wednesday morning we made our way to Le Mans and met up with Steve & Lisa and Andrew & Val who had bought their son, Jordan with them. Here is Lucy all sun tan lotioned up and ready to meet some of her drinking partners.

MG 5075

Reservoir Dogs, here’s the team off to the pits.

MG 5077

Following are a “few” photos of pits, cars and bits of cars, they are the closest to half decent shots of cars that you can get at Le Mans for the very good reason that once they are on the track they go bloody fast, far faster than I thought they would, so make the most of these bits.

MG 5079

MG 5083

Almost like an AirFix kit.

MG 5089

MG 5090

MG 5092

MG 5094

MG 5099

MG 5101

MG 5104

This is Romain Dumas twice winner of Le Mans but in two different groups. He spent ages being photographed by a guy with an iPhone whilst the photographer with a decent camera had to hang around trying to look busy.

MG 5105

MG 5108

MG 5111

MG 5115

MG 5119

Alain Prost on the right! Actually it could be anyone, he just looked important and he has curly hair. Please note that if any facts I give you on this blog are remotely close to a true fact it is totally coincidental. I have inherited my father’s love of sport, or rather a total lack of interest in anything remotely sporting.

MG 5121

MG 5125

MG 5129

MG 5131

MG 5133

MG 5135

MG 5137

MG 5137

MG 5145

Just like a big radio controlled car but costing rather more.

MG 5146

Just in case you don’t believe that I am really here.

MG 5149

You can take the girls out of Essex…

But you try and take an ice cream cone out of their hands…

MG 5162

As I said earlier, these cars go very very fast, 200mph at times and you have no chance whatsoever in catching them in any detail.

MG 5186

Unless the missus lets you buy one of these lenses…..

MG 5319

Or one of these.

MG 5196

These are my efforts, I’m quite pleased with these, but then of them were slowing down for the pits and to make it harder, it was getting dark.

MG 5210

MG 5226

MG 5232

MG 5238

MG 5252

MG 5281

MG 5294

MG 5300

MG 5306

MG 5346

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