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Let Me In

Wednesday 19th November

MG 2837

Woke up this morning to put the hot water on and this is the view I had out of Frankies side window.

MG 2838

And this was after the water had heated up and I was ready for my shower. Unfortunately that lump of dark cloud to the right was moving very slowly and kept the sun shielded for much of the morning. We’d seen a launderette on our bike ride yesterday so today’s plan was to call in and sit on the beach whilst the machines were working but like many towns we’ve visited in the last four weeks the roads were being dug up and resurfaced.

We decided to start heading south. We will get to Spain eventually but we are delaying it slightly due to our complete lack of Spanish.

Found this place a little way south of Les Bacares, the Rough Guide to France was very scathing, it said “Has nothing going for it, the best one can say is that the beach is sandy and the sea is wet”. Yes, that is the description for Canet Plage.

MG 2840

Duncan, where do they leave the key to get in? This is the entrance to Budgens, as I call it, a very popular site with some of our DA friends. If anyone needs a new route to get here I’ve got one, it only takes 30 days instead of the usual 24 hours.

We tried to park in Canet Plage but the roads were narrow and we moved on finding another town called St Cyprien Plage which had a launderette, sandy beach and wet sea.

After lunch on the beach we moved on slightly further to our current aire for the night at Latour Bas Elne (Number 36, Mediterranean). The aire is tucked behind a motorhome dealers and accessory shop (which was closed when we tried to get in it). We’ve got a lovely grassy pitch with electric, water and waste for €10 per night. We’ve also found a very strong wifi signal which was €3 for 48 hours, I think Lucy wants to stay another night, we’ll see.

I have found the lower limits of what I want to spend on wine. We found 1.5 litre cartons of red and white wine in Lidls for €2.19 each. The white is not good, the red is similar to what Mick Monk would drink, we may have to stick with the €5.69 for 3 litres cartons in future.

Luy says PS – If you want to buy cheese that tastes similar to Cheddar then try the Cantal.

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  1. Phil

    Wine – our personal record was 65 cents for a one litre carton of Vinho Tinto in Portugal. Bit sharp to start with, but once it had ripped your tongue out it was OK!!

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