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 Hi everyone,

I have managed to wrestle the laptop off Mark so that I can show you some of my photos and what made me take them.  You can see just how long it took to get at it from the fact that we were in Millau about a week ago!

When we got to Millau the weather was wonderful but it was getting late so we got to the Aire and then had a wander around the town.  I’m not sure why but I thought it would be a small village and was in fact a large town with lots of shops that Mark frog marched me past!

We got up the next morning, hoping for some good views, to thick fog – boo.  We gave it a little time and the sun was trying  to make an appearance but it was slow and in the end we gave up and went to cross the bridge.  We had no idea where the bridge was, the fog was that thick, but as we followed the road round suddenly we came out the top of the clouds and this is what we saw.


On the way to the toll booths we saw a sign to a viewpoint and stopped.  We were glad we did as once we got to the top the clouds were clearing quickly and we got some lovely photos.


This one, however, was from the day before on our way into Millau!!


This was from Frankie on our way up


This was taken the other side of the bridge.  We were surprised how much the terrain changed, we started to see Cyprus trees and it was much drier.


This is a Chatteau in the middle of Beziers three days ago – we did not stop as the parking was non existent but I thought it was an interesting building


And now we are up tp date, these were taken today on our way to Duilhac sous Peyrepertuse, which is half the way up a mountain and the roads were very steep.  This road went through the gap in the middle of the photo.


And then we turned the corner and the mountain was hanging over the road – Frankie only just got under but as we were following a lorry loaded with big round bales of hay (just going under the lip above) we thought we would be ok


The scenery was amazing today, although we have had changeable weather.  One valley it was like winter then we went over the top of the pass and we were back in summer.


This is a road with almost sheer drops the the side and NO barriers


This is the remains of a castle built right at the top of a very high rocky crag.  This is Cathar country and needed to be protected.


This was just a little village nestling in betweenn the muntains which I thought was pretty.

Speak to you all again soon.  Love Lucy xx


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