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Rain stops play

Tuesday 4th November

The wind stopped last night about 9pm, it had to make way for the rain which continued heavily throughout the night and for most of the morning.


It did lift off for a little while and we had a short walk along the road that we were on. The lake is almost U shaped and we were on the spit of land right in the middle with water surrounding us on three sides. There was a small hill with Silver Birch trees and in the grass were hundreds of mushrooms, we counted 8 different species including Fly Agaric and Giant Puffballs which we knew. When we got back to the van we looked in our books and recognised Field Blewits, Hedgehog Mushroom and Sulphur Tufts. Some of these are very edible but we are not about to try them without being very certain.


Across the lake was the small village of Nergout.


Since the weather has been so grotty and the aire looked very closed we decided to move on, but not too far. We’ve landed at a place called La Courtine which is about 25 miles along from the last aire (Number 156, Limousin & Auvergne). The road was very twisty but apparently the scenery was wonderful, I’m just concentrating on keeping Frankie away from the edges so didn’t get to see very much. I could see that there were huge forests full of huge trees being cut down and transported by huge machines but that was it.


It doesn’t really have a lot going for it. The parking is on a slope, it’s raining on and off and there is a dog barking. There are houses all around and we’ve been listening to gunshots all day. We thought at first there was a hunt going on but when the machine guns started up we realised it must be coming from the military camp in the town.

We had a short walk through the town and most of the shops were either closed or for sale. Two of the closed shops had signs telling us they were selling wild mushrooms, one of the shops was crammed full of wooden baskets to put them in so there must be quite a market for them.

The map at the aire said that tokens for the services were available in the boulangerie so we went in to get our baguette and asked for the token. €1.10 the lot, the token was free. I think that if you buy something in the town they will give you a free token. We are filled up to the top with water and have discovered a free wifi signal that we have logged into with our iBoost Wifi system from www.motorhomewifi.com

I’ve answered my emails and we’re waiting for Emma to get home so we can have a Skype session with Darcy.

Lucy is feeling more comfortable, she hasn’t eaten all day and the pain has gone. We should be in Clermont Ferrand in a couple of days so we can decide then wether she needs to see a Pharmacist again. Hopefully the weather will have brightened by then, if not we may just zoom off for the Mediterranean Coast.

8 thoughts on “Rain stops play

  1. andrew

    Get well soon Lucy , Glad the debit \ credit card wheze is working like you said it would Mark, but can you keep it going till spain like you said. Limousin is famous for its bulls is it not .

    1. Mark Post author

      Sounds like you’ve been watching too much Countryfile.

      Great crack with the credit cards, we can’t pay them online so Emma will have to pay them for us.

  2. Giorgio

    Mark, great photos of the water scenes.

    Not sure what you did or how you saved them but I was able to view the photos on my mobile for the first time with this post. Normally, I can only see them on my PC. So it is either something you’ve done different this time or it is my phone. Keep it up…I feel like I am travelling with you guys.

    1. Mark Post author

      Todays and yesterdays photos were taken on my smaller camera but my laptop wouldn’t accept them. I’ve had to put them on another laptop, convert them into JPG and then add them. All the other photos have been converted to JPG directly so I don’t really know what is happening. I’ll blame your phone 🙂

    1. Mark Post author

      I think that was what tipped her over the edge last time. Baileys, Fireball and Orange liqueur.I’ve had to hide all three bottles of Baileys.

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