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Route planning disaster

Sunday 11th September

The alarm on our clock is set for 9am so sometimes when I am felling naughty I will press the button and display the alarm time instead of the real time. Using that method this morning resulted in Lucy getting up at 8am. It’s Sunday and oh how I laughed when she found out… and then she kicked me.

MG 8015

Here’s our view this morning, vineyards in front of us, the Moselle just beyond that and then the other bank with vineyards squeezed into every slightly not vertical space. I unhitched the bikes and we cycled into Cochem, a beautiful medieval town about 4 miles away. Did I say 4 miles? Something I forgot to tell Lucy but it was dead flat all the way and she was barely wheezing by the time we got there.

MG 8016

This is one of the reasons why people flock here in their thousands, even at early o’clock it was busy, lots of cafes and restaurants open but thankfully all the jewellery shops were locked up tight.

MG 8019

This is the Reichsburg (Imperial Fortress) built 900 years ago and destroyed when the pesky French came visiting in 1689.

MG 8028

After locking our bikes up and Lucy insisting that we were not, under any circumstances, climbing up to the castle, we climbed up to the castle but decided not to go in, once you’ve seen inside one castle you’ve seen inside one castle.

MG 8032

The town itself was full of interesting (closed) shops with lots of twisty turny streets, very pleasant.

After cycling back another 4 miles it was still only 10.30am, she has refused to do anything else for the rest of the day which is why I am writing this in a free stellplatz in Koblenz after having had to cook lunch and supply ice creams. We’ve decided to hit Koblenz tomorrow and have the rest of the day off and make some vital planning decisions.

I have to say that my route planning has been thrown a curve ball. After spending nearly a minute carefully planning our five month trip I now find that Munich has been moved without anyone saying a word! The plan was simple, Rhine, Munich and then Romantic Route, now I find that we have to do the Romantic route before the beer festival, I really don’t know how I’m going to cope. Would you all make sure that Austria hasn’t been moved before we get there – ta.

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