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Friday 15th January

We were up early, really early. 8.30am is really early for someone who will remain nameless who still thinks she is on Portuguese Summer time.

To be fair it was still dark when I bounced out of bed and so chilly that I decided to wear jeans, socks and a jumper in an attempt to blend in with the locals. The forecast was good so I wasn’t going to go silly with wooly hat and scarf though.

MG 7444

We are in a marina overlooking one of the major branches of the Gaudalquvir in Gelves which was recommended to us by Marc & Sam who are now sunning themselves in Morocco.

MG 7445

It is €12.10 per night plus €2.80 for electric, not the best place we have ever stayed but all the aires in this area charge top dollar and this is conveniently placed for a bus straight into the city.

MG 7450

After paying your €1.55 each this is where the bus dumps you! The Palacio de San Telmo, the seat of local government. We’re not allowed in, armed guards control the entrance.

MG 7452

And this is the lintel over the door. 

MG 7459

A little further on and another magnificent building, the Palicio de Yanduri.

MG 7456

The roads are empty. Friday morning and we have some bike riders, a couple of trams and the very occasional car belonging to a resident.

MG 7457

The roads are lined with orange trees although I’ve never seen bunches like this. Fallen oranges are on the pavements but after a previous experience with a Seville orange I really don’t want to try one. 

MG 7461   MG 7466 blended fused

Everywhere we look we see wonderful buildings, this is the Cathedral which is the largest gothic and third largest church in the world. It is on Lucy’s itinerary so we will be calling in there later in the day.

MG 7468

Outside the main entrance to the cathedral is this copy of the wind vane which is mounted at the top of the bell tower.

MG 7472

Can you see the other wind vane? Gives some idea of the scale of this building. This tower used to be a minaret for the attached mosque and work started in 1184 and completed 14 years later. The top part was added later and turned into a bell tower.

MG 7477

This is what Lucy wanted to see first, the Alcazar of Seville.The upper floors are still used by the Spanish Royal family when they are in Seville. It was originally a Moorish fort and is the oldest Royal Palace still in use today. Granted Unesco World Heritage status in 1987 along with the cathedral.

MG 7482

MG 7483

It’s almost like being back in the Alhambra in Granada, at every turn there is something new and interesting to see.

MG 7486

MG 7494

MG 7497

I took so many photos that I liked and had a real problem trying to thin them out but we’ve got fairly decent internet here so you’re getting more than usual. 

MG 7480

MG 7498

MG 7500

MG 7506

MG 7518

MG 7521

MG 7523

You’re getting a load of photos of outside as well. Oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, pomegranates and dates all being grown and in reach.

MG 7524

MG 7525

MG 7526

We spent a good few hours in the Alcazar and really enjoyed ourselves. Next stop is lunch of course.

MG 7530

We had a little debate about lunch and in the end settled for a selection of tapas, sangria, red wine and gazpacho soup. First four courses were delivered up and wolfed down in our usual Simpsons fashion. Not bad we thought, tuna, anchovies, chick peas and spinach and then fritatta. We were just complementing ourselves about being able to finish it all when the next four dishes turned up. Meatballs, Russian Salad, calf cheeks and spanish ratatouille.

By the end of that little lot we were stuffed and beginning to realise why the Spanish have two hours for lunch. €23 all in including the red wine and sangria.

IMG 7538

Next stop the cathedral for some more walking exercise. Above is the tomb of Christopher Columbus all cast in bronze. It’s amazing to see the depiction of cloth like this but made in bronze. Lucy had her moneys worth just from being able to look at this tomb.

IMG 7542

Lots of gold and silver pots and pans and other treasury stuff. No idea what half of them were, we couldn’t read the labels but you know when you see something that looks pretty good.

IMG 7543

Another amazing room with amazing ceiling. The cathedral has 80 chapels, the nave is 42m high, the altar is one of the largest in the world. The whole place is so large it was difficult finding places to take decent photos.

MG 7550

However, climbing up the Giralda tower, 343 feet high the views are amazing. You’ve got a view on each compass point coming.

MG 7551

MG 7553

MG 7554

By the end of the day the clouds had moved on and it was warming up. 

Did we enjoy Seville? The answer is of course yes and it didn’t take us long to decide to stay another night and do some more exploring tomorrow. 

6 thoughts on “Seville

  1. Giorgio

    Thank you Mark. This brought back many happy memories of past times spent there studying the local language and several afternoons revising by the Torre Del Oro (Tower of Gold) over the Guadalquivir.

    One question, your photos are getting better and better with each post. What are you using to give them this seemingly computer generated effect?
    Keep them coming

    1. Mark Post author

      Glad to hear from you again, hope all is well.
      Photos – how dare you. They are all hand sketched and coloured in by my lovely assistant.
      To achieve the seemingly computer generated effect I am using a computer. All photos are taken in RAW format and then processed in Lightroom. I don’t tend to do much cutting and pasting, there are so few people about, you just need to wait for the right moment. I am colour blind so have problems matching and changing hues so I follow a very simple technique which I learnt from Serge Ramelli on Youtube, watch some of his earlier videos because nowadays he skips some of the basic bits.

  2. David and Karen


    Thanks for the update we are looking to stay at that site mid Feb we are in Vejer at the moment off to school tomorrow for two weeks to attempt to learn some Spanish.

    All learning curve for us as we are only a week in to the trip. We were invited to share a birthday with the family that own the site we are on yesterday paella made the Valencia way. great day and fun. Lots of sign language and very bad Spanish, all great fun.

    Your photos are wonderful and make us look forward to getting up to Seville.


    David and Karen

    1. Mark Post author

      We used a synergy spanish course which worked very well but we haven’t carried it on. The waiter yesterday didn’t have a clue where I was from when I said una mesa para dos, por favor. It’s great having a go but baffling when they reply back to you.
      We were just planning to go to Italica, about 5 miles north of Seville but there is a cross country race being held there today. Put it in your plans for somewhere to visit!! We will have to come back another year.
      Hopefully it will be a bit warmer for you.
      See you soon
      Mark & Lucy

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