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Saturday 17th September

We seem to have missed most of your rain, we had a couple of spots overnight but another lovely day. We’re moving on tomorrow so thought it best to stock up with some food and drink since everywhere seems to be closed on a Sunday.

Unfortunately I have made at least two mistakes today on the drink buying front (I’ve only tried two of them so far, there may be more trouble ahead). First mistake was finding a crystal clear bottle of Federweisser in the chiller cabinet. It was marked up as 9º alcohol but it wasn’t fizzing like the last bottle I had. It was only when we got it back to Frankie and I find a line on the receipt that says alcohol free that I think there could be something wrong – there was, it was grape juice.

The supermarket also had bottles of German cider so ever adventure full I managed to buy four different litre bottles and a really good price. The first one tat I’ve tried is actually cider plus apple juice plus black currant and sits halfway between Magners and apple cider vinegar. Hope the other three are an improvement.

That was the morning sorted and after lunch we cycled to the Carl Benz Museum (yes, Lucy got on her bike today for two bike rides!!).

I had my big camera slung over my shoulder and they wanted me to pay extra so that I could take photos but that wasn’t going to happen. I had to promise not to take any pictures.

So here they are in no particular order and mostly without any idea of what they are.

IMG 20160917 151057654

IMG 20160917 151121693

A 1939 Maybach, I think this is my favourite car of the lot.

IMG 20160917 151131654

IMG 20160917 151152644

Lucy’s favourite car.

IMG 20160917 151334806

IMG 20160917 151345425

IMG 20160917 151502541

IMG 20160917 153029567 HDR

My parents had a set of dinner mats featuring cars throughout history (or possibly just cars that my dad had been tricked into buying) and I am sure that this is one of them. Many of these cars are in running order and are used for historical meets and road runs.

IMG 20160917 151654653

Michael Schumachers F1 car from 2010. The signs said do not touch so I touched lots of it. 

IMG 20160917 152712515

A general view of the factory , again with the Maybach and just peeping into the foreground that iconic symbol of electrically powered idiocy, a Sinclair C5. This factory opened for business in 1906 and has been recently restored. There is a huge amount of motoring history here including the first ever car, wood gas powered cars, limousines, motorbikes and bicycles. Much of the information is in English as well but I had my phone with me and could use the camera function to auto translate (and take sneaky photos when no one was looking).

As a bonus we found a TV showing the second period of qualifying for the Grand Prix in Singapore. Don’t forget to go on Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday.

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