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The sun has got his hat on.

Sunday 10th May


We left Gijon on Wednesday heading along the coast, we’ve still got 6 weeks left but it feels like we are getting towards the end, never mind, we’re planning our next trip already.

We’ve stopped at a place called Llanes, it should be called narrow lanes but we squeezed through and stopped for a lunch break.


Lovely scenery and nice long walk along the coast.


Another stitched together photo, this time I let the camera do all the hard work. The Picos de Europa are in the background. Did you know that Spain is the second most mountainous country in Europe?


And flowers in the foreground. Every so often we get to a point where there aren’t too many choices about where to go. You want somewhere that gets a good rating and Camper Contact has most of it’s ratings in Dutch so you have to guess at exactly what the comments are saying but we don’t want to drive for hours. We plumped on an aire next to a hotel. One of the comments did mention that it was used for construction traffic and gets noisy but we thought that they must have finished building by now.


This is a picture quiz – Name that film, Anyway, Pancho is doing rather well out of building the motorway, he had dozens of trucks in our car park but they all finished work by 8pm and after that it all went very quiet, only the sounds of Owls hooting in the distance. I must admit the aire didn’t look at all inviting but we had no problems at all, we didn’t even hear all the lorries leave when they started work again in the morning.

MG 4623

Next stop is Caberceno, free aire with free services on the edge of a small town with bars and restaurants. It’s about 6 miles south of Santander as the eagle flies if he flew in a straight line, this guy has been circling all day. It is a perfect stop if you get to the port too early or you had a rough crossing like the couple next to us. A single crossing, Portsmouth to Santander is over £500 and that was with his 30% frequent swimmer discount.

MG 4613

And this is our view the first night, we moved into a prime position later. We’ve got three big American RV’s here and I think they have been here for a while. They don’t talk to us because we’ve only got a small motorhome and we don’t talk to them because they have got small penises*. The sun is out at last and it is baking hot.

MG 4616

Just up the track from us is a herd of Elephants.

MG 4617

And Water Buffalo,

MG 4625

And Antelope.

MG 4626

This is just part of their enclosure. We are parked on the edge of a huge safari park. It’s €25 each to get in but we’ve been told it is well worth it. It is a 30km drive through and round enclosures, you can stop wherever you like, have a picnic and make a whole day out of it. We spoke to one guy who spent 9 hours in there. It is so nice to see enclosures that are large enough.

MG 4633

We moved to the other side of the car park so we could put our chairs out. We’re staying here for four nights, it’s been busy with Spanish day trippers over the weekend but not at all unpleasant (except for the yappy dogs – whoever thought they would be a good idea needs shooting).

Picture Quiz – Pancho’s Wagon, my Mum and Dad took my little bruv and me to see it when it first came out. Every night I sing to Lucy, ‘I was born under a wandering star!’

* Why the sudden dislike of RV owners? When you are sitting out in the sun dozing and listening to the birds chattering away you suddenly hear Tammy Wynette going on about her bloody stupid spelling test is why. Why the F would I want to listen to Tammy when Mrs Sparrow is telling me all about her grand children – thats why.

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