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Wetherspoons teil zwei

Sunday 23rd April

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It seems like only yesterday that we celebrated the introduction of the Rheinheitsgebot but look, already we are drinking a toast on its 501st birthday (last years glass). This pint of the day became one of very many, it’s a Pale Ale made using UK hops and continuing in the English brewing tradition, top fermented. Without doubt, the best beer we have ever drunk in Europe which is saying something from a couple of beer drinkers who have been to beer festivals in Munich and Brugges.

We have since worked out that Vogel have a chain of three pubs in Germany, all within 20 miles of where we are. It was packed today, from 12 noon when we arrived until 4pm when we staggered out.

IMG 20170423 122524646

Not many photos today, too busy people watching and football watching, our local team, Karlsrue were playing live on Sky TV and it was a little embarrassing. Lucy nearly cheered at the first goal until she realised no one else was celebrating, they were all head in hands and wishing that the ground would swallow them up (bit like being an Arsenal supporter I guess).

Why would you ever want to come to Germany. Picture above is one good reason. Buy a Vogel Brau bottle and get it refilled. There was a constant stream of people coming in with their refillable bottle and why not. 3l of fresh beer was €8.10, that’s about £1.20 per pint.

IMG 20170423 122646934

If you’ve got friends like Stephen Float, Clive Brooker, Mick Monk or Colin Roper get yourself 50 l of the stuff, less than a pound a pint.

IMG 20170423 135834507

As mentioned before, we may have had a pint or two. We even had the special meal deal, food and drink for a Wetherspoon beating €8.40, I didn’t take photos, I thought it was a bit silly taking photos of your dinner but I got one of Lucy’s dessert, Apple Strudel with custard, ice cream and cream. I don’t know where she puts it all!!

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