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Thursday 23rd April

It’s been a Chris and Andy Pretty type of day today! We are on a peninsula and following the coast round but we could do with a bit of food, beer and wine so we see a Mercadona sign which is going our way. 20 minutes later we both say as one “did we miss the Mercadona?”  but a few more miles on we see another sign for it and then a Gadis sign, followed by Eroski and more Mercadona signs.

Eventually we find the Eroski and Gadis supermarkets next door to each other and park in the car park. €75 later we managed to extract ourselves from Eroski with everything we need but Gadis is so close and you never know! Gadis is cheaper for sangria by 10c per litre, when you buy in the quantities that Lucy buys that is a significant saving, think about how far you would drive to save 10c on a litre of diesel and you’ll understand.

Finally we move off and pass the Mercadona which from the road looks enormous but once we turned in the car park (there might be something we’ve missed) we see that half of the area is a shade canopy so your car doesn’t get too hot. More money changes hand and I put my foot down at stopping in the Dia. Anyway, three supermarkets in one day is what I mean by a Chris and Andy Pretty day.

MG 4450

We have seen large numbers of the building above although none have been this large. They are grain stores made of stone and are typical to this area. The “mushrooms” prevent the rats getting in and the thin slots allow the grain to breathe whilst keeping it protected from the rain. Today we noticed some bus stop shelters that have taken the design from the grain stores.

MG 4451

And here we are at the end of the world or Finterra as we call it. A lovely nearly flat area with views of the lighthouse and a very steep cliff next to us. I took the precaution of keeping well back from the edge.

MG 4455

Frankie all on his lonesome although we have been joined by four others for this evening. It’s Lucy’s Mum’s birthday today so our plan was to arrive on site and give her a call but we’re at the end of the world and there was no reception – typical. Luckily for us we got great reception when we climbed to the top of the hill.

MG 4456

And the lighthouse at the end of the world. For the hardy pilgrims that made it all the way to Santiago there is a special add on bit which ends right here. You can get your passport stamped in the lighthouse building but not out of season. To reward you with all your effort you get a comfy looking stone bench to sit on.


MG 4458

I’m the good looking one on the right, the tall one and yes, I know I’m wearing old faithful but it was a bit chilly. Can you see Frankie? Tiny little white spot near the top right.

MG 4460

May peace prevail on earth. My Spanish is coming on leaps and bounds and I’m having no trouble reading fluently. (Or I could be reading off the other side!)

MG 4462

Luckily at the end of the world there are a couple of fog horns, I might just get the BBQ out to find out how loud they are.

MG 4463

If I asked you what country this photo was taken in how many of you would have said Spain? I know it’s an area not visited very often by tourists (it is the wettest area of Span) but I think it is lovely.

MG 4464

And the caption to this picture is the same as this blog title. Essential neck wear for knackered pilgrims. There is a cafe, restaurant and two tourist shops at the end of the world, one of the tourist shops was selling proper Galician stuff and they were playing music which sounded very much like Clannad. The Galicians share ancestors with the Irish, Welsh, Cornish, Bretons and Isle of Manners and some of their music made it over here as well.

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