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You can stuff the turkey

Xmas Day 2017

At last we are off duty and enjoying the sun. Most of the ralliers have booked the Xmas Dinner provided by the site but limited numbers meant that we felt obliged to give up our tickets for a much worthier cause.

MG 1735

Here is the beginnings of my 12 beer barbie. A huge chicken is about to go on the BBQ and two hours later we had the best Xmas dinner we’ve had today. The brussels were a bit dodgy but everything else was absolutely spot on.

Notice the beers, we’ve got a local cash and carry and this lot were the same, if not cheaper than Tescos at home.

It’s now 4 o/clock, we’ve got two or three street parties to visit before we go to the main bar for the evenings entertainment. 

Hope you all got the presents you asked for and the love and affection you need.

See you all next year


4 thoughts on “You can stuff the turkey

  1. Fred Chase

    Thanks for your latest. Firstly, you are the couple we met on the aire in Pamplona two years ago? We hope so. You had the lovely van with the large socialising area and a pull-down bed? We are in Albufeira for a five week lay over, have done this for the last three years. Up to the bar last night for the obligatory over-60’s hoolie. Have you found how some of the “older in life” persons are very easily into letting themselves go/drinking out of bottles and letting rip with “who the f*** is Alice”? It’s a changing world. Up to the restaurant at lunchtime for the Christmas Day eating purge. have not eaten so much beautiful prime beef/turkey/pork in years + plus three more courses + all the drink you so required. All for 35 euros each!.
    Where are you guys by the way?.
    happy and safe motorhoming,
    Glenys and Fred.

    1. Mark Post author

      Yes, we’re the couple you met in Pamplona. How are the cats?
      In the past, we’ve veered away from the “Brit” hotspots but we have been pleasantly surprised here just outside of Benidorm, that could be because we tend to retire earlier than we used to and possibly drink a little less as well.
      At the moment we are just to the North of Benidorm and will be moving 60 miles south next week to spend three months at Marjal Costa Blanca as assistant stewards again.
      One day the club might let us run a rally by ourselves and it “could” be in Albufeira.
      Have a great time, stay safe and see you again one day.

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