Where's Frankie?

At a secret location somewhere in Europe

Sunday 30th April

We can’t tell you where we are for the next nine days. Clive Brooker has just announced that he is leaving Spain and is on his way to find us!

We left the campsite today and realised almost straight away that this wasn’t the best day to go looking for somewhere new. The campsite which had been pretty empty 5 days ago was now full up due to it being a Bank Holiday here.

We were aiming for a stellplatz 30 miles away, it had 160 reviews with an average score of 8.2 and it had 101 spaces. When we arrived there was a queue in front of us but they were a couple of Belgians who had to “be together”. They told me there was one space left, I could have that one. If only they had waited another half hour they could have had a choice of places to be together but by 3pm it was full up again.

We have free wifi which is pretty fast, three nights was €28.50 including tourist tax and we have free toilets and showers. Onsite there is a cafe serving some lovely looking cakes and the sun is shining although our neighbour tells us rain is coming. I have had a good look round, we are the only Brits here.

We’ve got a very large level pitch on grass near to the river. The view isn’t great, it’s a car wash charging just €3 a time. I guess it is easier to get Kosovans here.

MG 1084

After a very short walk along the river we get to the town, church, castle, what more do we need?

MG 1087

Tourist boats should have been a clue.

MG 1090

The town is called “Little Venice”. A small river flows through the centre of town, over a waterfall and then part of it is diverted…

MG 1093

…onto three water mills. Our guide leaflet says that they were flour, tanning and oil mills – it is very pretty and at the top of the waterfall the whole market square has been taken over with restaurants which is where todays little problem started. We had eaten lunch before we walked into town, all we wanted was a beer. It’s a tourist place, they all want you to sit and eat whilst you drink your beer.

MG 1097

We tried four places in the end, the third one we walked out of after waiting 15 minutes for any of the staff to acknowledge us (which they did as we stood up – too late Herman).

Our fourth port of call looked a bit dodgy from the outside but had a beer garden and todays beer of the day. More hefe-weizzen and kellar beer for mein Frau.  3 and a half pints was €12.40 instead of the Luxembourg stuff which was €12 for one and a half pints.

Tomorrow we’re off to visit the castle and make sure the beer hasn’t gone off overnight.

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