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Rats Droppings

Monday 1st May

I woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, not worried that Clive Brooker might find us, but worried that he might not.

IMG 20170429 122058805 1

I’ve got a box of Rats Droppings that I can share with Clive, he has 300 litres of finest 50ç a litre Spanish gut rot. 

MG 1098

There have been a few guesses as to where we are, mainly from Stephen Float. I don’t think he would ever find us even if we gave out map coordinates 🙂

We are in Saarburg and our stellplatz which was chock a block last night has thinned out to less than half full. Our neighbours prediction of rain was correct and it wasn’t until after lunch that we braved the elements and went for another wander. The Bell museum was closed, the castle was only open because of the number of holes in the walls.

It was built in 964 by Count Seigfried of Luxembourg and then got beaten up many times by invading forces, in the end it had fell into disrepair and the town bought it in 1863.

MG 1100

The views from the top tower are fantastic in three different directions… west over the town of Saarburg itself.

MG 1101

South looking upstream of the river Saar. You might be able to make out the stellplatz just above and to the left of the long concrete bridge.

MG 1102

And North East with the vineyards of the Saar valley to the left.

MG 1103

Another view of the waterfall in the centre of town.

MG 1104

And the Horse Market which yesterday was completely full of tourists and today cafe owners were begging us to stop and rest our weary feet.

MG 1105

So we went back to yesterdays drinking venue to make sue the beer was still OK. Our order caused a bit of commotion and you should be able to easily spot the dilemma that our hosts faced. That’s right, Lucy’s Keller beer is in the wrong glass, they had run out of large keller beer glasses so she had to make do with an alcohol free wheat beer glass. They were so apologetic.

MG 1107

For the second round Lucy relented and went for a small glass, pride was restored in the bar and they gave us extra cream on top to say thank you.

I think we could get used to this site. It is very quiet, it’s only a short walk into town and if you book for three nights you get a reduction in the site fees. Just to confirm Clive, we are at Saarburg, map co-ordinates N54.342 E7.5463.

2 thoughts on “Rats Droppings

  1. sam and marc

    great site Mark we stayed there for two nights last June. We also got our exhaust fixed (which was makinga noise like a tank) for considerably less than UK prices in a garage in the town no appointment just turned up he found a part fitted it and two hours later good to go for about €200. Town is lovely. Would stay there again. Sam and Marc.

    1. Mark Post author

      One of the reasons we are here is due to your comments on camper contact. I love it here and the sun is shining brightly today. Give our love to Max.

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