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Au revoir, mon amies

Not that I’m counting, but it’s now just six and a half days until we’re off, must start thinking about packing soon.

The last week or two has been a whirl of goodbyes. Last weekend we took Darcy up to Yorkshire to see my mum. She wants to follow our blog so we have installed blueband (her words) for her and then took her out to buy a tablet.

Then my dad and Frances came to visit and we had an evening out with some guys I used to work with 25 years ago. We had to have our annual Xmas party a little bit early.

20141008_211700Thursday saw me saying goodbye to Dagenham Camera Club, a very friendly bunch of keen but not too over serious photographers.

This last weekend we said goodbye to East Essex DA, our camping buddies and it was great to see so many of them there. They’re a sneaky lot and managed to find lots of old photos of me in fancy dress or occasionally holding a beer and Ron Harper with the help of his daughter, Samantha turned it all into a very funny “This is your Life”.


Tomorrow night I’m off to East Tilbury to say goodbye to The Thurrock Marquetry Society and then a last minute party with some of my closest camping buddies in Hornchurch Wetherspoons. Hopefully I’ve sobered up by Sunday.

For those of you with a strong stomach here are some of the photos of me, warning, some of them are bizzare!!

New Year 14New Year 2010 017New Year 2010 133New Year 2013 082New Year 2011 080Ratsborough 027xmas meet 09 112


7 thoughts on “Au revoir, mon amies

  1. Dave, Nikki, Cerys & Holly

    We’ll miss you guys a lot and will be watching your blog closely. You’ve been a very big part of EEDA for a long time and will be missed by all. Hopefully see you again in the Summer at the EEDA THS’.

    Enjoy you travels and blog regularly of your adventures.

  2. Sue O'Meara

    Hi, good luck on your travels. Hopevyou usr lots of aires tocsave your money!
    Tried to suscribe to your blog but couldnt do it.

  3. Ann and Eric McLaren

    We hope you will have a super time. You have both worked hard to get this far with your preparations so now sit back and enjoy yourselves, you will, we expect, meet may fantastic campers on your journey. Your main concerns now are fuel, fresh water, elsan, and rubbish collections the rest you can work round.
    We will miss you on EEDA meets but it would be great if you are passing Benicasim Feb/Mar if you give us a knock. XXX

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