Where's Frankie?

Let’s Meet Frankie

With less than four weeks to go until the start of our adventure I thought it was about time that you all met Frankie, our trusty steed.

MG 1905

Here he is face on, note the huge windscreen which gives fantastic views but is a bit delicate, we’ve already had one replaced.

MG 1904

Here is the off side (future near side). From the front we have a locker for my tools, a large locker which contains two chairs, two loungers, a beach chair, a bbq, charcoal, two gas stoves, table, groundsheet and black sacks. Then we have the main habitation door, the tall locker contains two toilet cassettes with toilet chemicals, hand cleaner and citronella candles. The small locker at the back contains two tables, two windbreaks, two sea fishing rods and rests, pegs, mallet and awning winder.

MG 1907

The back view shows the bike rack with two bikes and an aqua roll hanging off the bike rack. We’ll take the aqua roll off before we go. Just under the number plate is the reversing camera.

MG 1906

The future offside has the main cab door, a large locker with levelling ramps, spare clothes, broom, small gas bottles, snorkel and flippers, fishing tackle, Lucy’s beach tent and wind blocker screens for the awning.

Moving to the rear we have a gas locker containing two refillable 12kg gas bottles, then the boiler cupboard and then the utility locker containing electric hookup, hose for refilling the water and a waste pipe for when we can’t get directly over a drain. Also there are extensions for the electric and water, two fishing reels and cleaning gear for the outside of Frankie.

Moving inside we have the following:-

MG 1914

This is a forward view of our lounge. I’ve rotated the driver and passenger seats and closed the front screens for this photo. The seats either side can be made up into a double bed by moving the table out of the way. The table opens up to form a bigger surface, it also moves left and right and the whole assembly can be moved forward as shown in the next photo. The seats backs have been tipped forward to clear the table.

MG 1913

Once we have moved the table we can lower the bed from the ceiling. Can you see Stella the Sat Nav just to the right of the steering wheel?

MG 1910

The bed is huge and comfy.

MG 1922

This view is from the font of the lounge looking backwards. We have two forward facing seats with seat belts, behind which is the kitchen area.

MG 1923MG 1925

The kitchen has a double sink, four hobs, oven and grill. The cutlery drawer and plate racks sit under the sink and to the left of the oven is a full height larder full of bits that Lucy is certain that we won’t be able to buy abroad, like salt and pepper, olive oil, pasta, etc.

MG 1927

This photo shows the two lids from the sink repositioned to give a bit more surface to work with.

MG 1918

With your back to the oven you can see two full height wardrobes (his and hers) which have had shelves added making them more useful for us, we don’t have clothes that really need hanging.To the right is the large fridge with freezer above it. The fridge/freezer works on 12v, gas or mains electric automatically switching itself over to the best power supply. Above the freezer is the microwave and one of Lucy’s kitchen gadget cupboards.

Between the fridge and larder is the door to the bathroom which extends across the full width of the back of the vanMG 1915  MG 1916

Just above the toilet there is a large cupboard which we call the medicine cupboard and above the window is a pull out clothes line which I fitted this weekend.

You’ll be glad to know that is all of the photos. Under the floor we have 120 litre fresh water and 150 litre waste water tanks, two leisure batteries and boot storage.

6 thoughts on “Let’s Meet Frankie

  1. Karen carr

    Fascinating to see Frankie.Looking forward to keeping up with your travel’s. Sorry that the shop is going but what an experience for you both! Green with envy.
    Good luck bon voyage kc

  2. Denzil

    Have a good look in all the cupboards before you go, there may be an elderly stowaway hiding. All love and best wishes. Respect.


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