Where's Frankie?

Calais to Embry (68 miles)

I got up about 7am and went for a wander around to check on the water supply, waste disposal and try and take a couple of photos. It was bitterly cold but the sun was shining and it was looking like the start of a lovely day.
I managed to get Lucy up, dressed and washed before 8am (she did most of it herself) since we had been warned that the man collecting site fees turned up around then but he must have been having a good lie in since we managed to have breakfast and coffee and then went for a stroll on the beach watching the fishermen dig for bait.
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Word for the day is ver du mer which means worm of the sea – they looked like lugworms to me.
Free site fees and we get to put some water in the tank for free as well although the tap was very slow and we got fed up waiting for it to fill.
We set off about 9.30 heading south along the Cote d’Opale towards Bolougne stopping at Cap Gris Blanc and checking out the German defensive positions there. They had three guns of 406mm diameter which could shoot one ton shells across the channel and bomb some of the coastal towns in Kent.
wpid-MG_0980-2014-04-18-23-21.jpg We reached Bolougne and stopped in the aire overlooking the town. The views were fantastic and would make a very good overnight stop although there did appear to be a number of wild camping spots all along the coast. We strolled into town looking for retail opportunities and bought lunch for today and tomorrow. Steep climb up the hill back to the motorhome.
From Bolougne we headed inland passing through Samer and Beussent before deciding that we’d driven far enough for one day (68miles) and headed for an aire at Embry.
wpid-MG_0982-2014-04-18-23-21.jpg Embry has a lovely aire, 8 pitches although 4 are a bit slopey. Free toilets and €3 for a 12 minute shower, 4 hours electric or 20 minutes water and elsan emptying.
Dinner was hot smoked salmon but it was a bit too chilly cooking it outside and it had to be cooked through inside the van so you can imagine what it smells like in here now!! We’ve paid €6 for the aire, €3 for a token to use to fill up with water and empty the elsan in the morning and we’re getting a baguette delivered first thing (8.30am) in the morning.
The sun has been shining all day long but as I went to start cooking outside the rain started, fairly gently, but on and off for a few hours now.
Mistake of the day – forgetting to take a carrier bag with us. The French don’t give out carrier bags like we do and when we went into the Spar they wanted €1.80 each for flimsy bags that Tesco will give out willy nilly. Luckily we had bought our lunch before visiting Spar and they had given us a plastic bag, I think the rules might be a bit different for a takeaway.

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