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Monday 3rd October

Breaking with tradition there will be no beer photos today so you will have to put up with some wine photos.

MG 8628

Sunday it rained nearly non stop so we decided to have a day of rest, I did a bit of boat building and Lucy did her cross stitch. It meant that we didn’t go out and couldn’t take a beer photo but it did enable me to finish off the bottle of German red wine that I opened for the devilled steak recipe – very, very nice stuff.

MG 8630

And since there was just a dribble in the other bottle it meant that I could finish off this bottle as well. Dry red German wine.

MG 8633

And Sunday’s dinner was – pumpkin and chilli risotto. I may have overdone the amount of rice because this is our lunch for the next couple of days as well.

We were parked next to an American guy who came over in 1969 with the US army and didn’t bother going back. He lives in Munich and told us about all the great places that we have driven past without stopping, such as Linderhof (far better than Neuschwannstein, he says) and the best brewery in Germany at Ettal where yesterdays photo of a mystery church was taken.

He also told us that all the shops were closed today which was a bit of a shame, we had organised to meet up with Mandy and Darren again and I had just drunk the last of the booze!

MG 8643

Monday and it was raining first thing but by the time we started things had cleared and we continued our trek along the Alpenstrasse where we got to see some real mountains.

MG 8654

The scenery is breathtaking.

MG 8640

Lucy started getting a bit trigger happy and we have hundreds of photos.

MG 8659

The road was rather exciting as well. Steep climbs up, steep climbs down, hairpins and narrow bits but not until we nearly reached the end of todays little jaunt almost car free – I don’t think we would have made it in one piece otherwise.

MG 8656

Part of an 8 strong band of trikes – just think, that could be me and Lucy in 50 years time! As you can see the sun is out and what do you do on a sunny Bank Holiday – go for a ride.  

MG 8635

We saw these cars, part of a long convoy as we were trying to pull into a garage (they are open on Bank Holidays and they sell beer and wine – see, I’m not so stupid after all).

MG 8636

IMG 20161003 114435494

And things started looking up when we found the Bavarian whisky company Slyrs. I thought it said slurs first of all and since the town and lake are named after to local rocks (schlurs) it seems to be the perfect place.

IMG 20161003 121626382

We went and did the tour, after having some samples. Everything was absolutely spotless.

IMG 20161003 122317080

The whisky is stored in barrels for at least three years. During that time some of the alcohol escapes through the wood, each barrel will lose an eye watering 27 litres of alcohol and it is thought that this is what makes the angels so happy.

IMG 20161003 122803973

No beer shot but you get a whisky shot. It’s alright, I’m only driving on really bendy up and downy hills – what could possibly go wrong?

At the moment we are sitting in the van after Lucy has made us a lovely bratwurst and speatzle dinner. The speatzle is a very small potato dumpling and these were covered in a melty cheese sauce – I forgot to take a picture, the cheese was calling too loudly.

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