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Water, water everywhere…

Wednesday 5th October

We met up with Darren and Mandy again the night before last, they have been to Berchtesgarten and are on their way back to Fussen and maybe a hop over the alps into Italy and then on their way to sunnier Spain, whilst we are on the way to Berchtesgaden and hoping for some better weather. Yesterday was cold and damp all day long, as it has been for a few days now and we have been advised to visit Berchtesgaden on a good day so after dismissing one stellplatz as being a bit dismal we have landed up in Bad Reichenhall on a very nice stellplatz with free electric and very fast wifi. We are right next to the Shlanan river which here is the border between Germany and Austria.

MG 8663

One of last nights victims, another Schwarzriesling which went down very well because it was served with meal of the century…

MG 8665

…pork braised in milk with roast onion and boiled potatoes and green beans. The recipe called for 1 litre of milk but it really could have done with half as much. Definitely a plate licker in my opinion.

IMG 20161005 111540104

Today was meant to be a day of checking out the town and seeing if we can get a bus into Berchtesgaden since we have booked in here for three days hoping for a break in the weather. The water pump had other ideas and in the middle of the night decided to stop working. As you can see water has been weeping out of the pump (for who knows how long) and worked it’s way into the microswitch located underneath. I tried to fix it but to no avail.

We have an app called Camper Pro which gives us all the dealers in Europe so drove off to the nearest one, I was going to cycle but it started raining and it was 12 miles away. When we arrived we found that they had gone into administration and were no longer trading. Back at the stellplatz we found a notice about a shop 24 miles away in the other direction so off we went again. Luckily they had a brand new pump (€98) which took a couple of minutes to fit. Without water we have no heating since everything runs off of the one boiler.

MG 8668

One of the photos that Lucy took today, this one was in focus which is why it gets a place in the blog.

MG 8670

And another of her piccies. We keep seeing these signs and aren’t sure what they mean. They are either side of every bridge and seem to be saying if there is only one of you then use the number on the right, if there is approaching traffic use the number on the right but what are the numbers? If they are kilometres then can you drive your lorry (or is it a car) at 150kmh (90mph) on a single carriageway and can a tank really do 90kmh (54mph?). If you were meeting tanks coming the other way would you be worried about how fast you were driving? They can’t be the vehicle weight, lorries don’t weigh 150 tonnes. Come on you experts, we need answers.

Computer tech experts also needed. I can receive emails but can’t send them. I’ve tried sending from my MacBook Air and LG tablet, they are both saying that my email servers are offline. Tried a few things, have googled it but can’t find the answer I need (the one that makes it all magically work again).

7 thoughts on “Water, water everywhere…

  1. Darren Hartfree-Bright

    We’ve seen the same tank signs so I just Google it apparently it’s the bridge
    capacity for NATO vehicles

  2. chausson8a

    The signs are NATO military bridge classification signs. They’re usually near bridges and viaducts and indicates the safe load-carrying capacity of the bridge for military vehicles. I think the numbers specify the type and gross weight of vehicles that can safely cross, either more than one each way (60 or 50) or one way for larger vehicles (90, 150) – every military vehicle is categorised so the driver knows if they can cross safely. My son used to drive tanks – his advice was if you see one coming get out of its way quickly, as they’re difficult to see out of and even harder to steer!


    1. Mark Post author

      Thank you, I knew someone would know the answer. I’ll take your sons advice on the tanks, Frankie is big and his sidelights are always on but he still seems to be invisible to most road users. I must say that the Germans are very laid back and relaxed , they have their faults like not acknowledging that you have given way for them and the lack of indicators (but I think that might just be a problem with German cars).

  3. Pam

    Is it a webmail email account you use? I’m assuming it was working and suddenly stopped? Has the ISP changed?
    Enjoying your blog very much. We’re sitting in Carbaceno. Broke down in France….£3500 repair bill. Enough to drive you to drink, just can’t afford to now 😀

    1. Mark Post author


      Really sorry to hear your news, I thought we had it bad with 98 worth of repairs, don’t know if I could cope with a big bill like that. Still, just think of all the site fees you are saving in Caberceno, hope the weather is better than we are getting, still deciding wether to move on or stay.
      I’ll have a little drink for you 🙂

      I think I have solved the internet. We have free wifi from the town but it really doesn’t like sending emails. Just logged on via my mifi and it is all working.

      See you soon


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