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Federweisser of the day

Friday 20th September

We left the Hymer showrooms since we weren’t going to be waiting for the to reopen on the 1st October and headed off to a small stellplatz to the north of Wurzburg. We’ve been to Wurzburg before and the stellplatz description described getting on a ferry, sailing down to Wurzburg and then cycling back.

Nice and close stellplatz, overlooking the river with space for 6 motorhomes (we had 10 overnight, no one cares as long as you’re not being a pain in the whatsit). By the time I’d got the bikes off the back and Lucy had got her sunglasses, tissues, suntan lotion, plasters, shopping bag, snack, waterproofs and helmet the ferry had sailed and wasn’t due back for another hour. Google maps said it was only 6 miles along cycle paths so I suggested we cycle in and get the ferry back.

MG 3174

First stop in Würzburg was Media Markt, a German version of Currys and the above abomination stood out a mile (not a great photo so i’ll try and describe it). Imagine a hexagon shaped booth that you step into, the machine scans you in 3D and then prints out a mini me for you. The little fellow costs €105 and the giant 35cm high couple comes in at just €895. If there is anyone who wants a shrunken version of me (and full height Lucy) stood on the mantelpiece then send me the money quick so we can nip back in.

MG 3175

It was only two years ago that we were here and in that time they’ve managed to build this lovely church and lots of shops. I don’t remember half of this town, it must be because of all the…

MG 3177

…Federweisser. At last we have found it. In fact you can’t help stumbling over it, it is everywhere. Imagine cloudy apple juice laced with vodka. It is the still fermenting grape juice, left long enough it will turn into wine. I forgot to find out where the boat docked in Wurzburg so we had to cycle all the way back but the cycle paths are so easy it wasn’t a real problem and we saved the €10 ferry charge.

IMG 20190919 161340804

Which was immediately invested in a couple cold beers overlooking the river and people watching. Lucy went for the Pils and I’ve got a lovely Kellabrau.

MG 3178

Back at the van I might have opened a bottle of federweisser, obviously we had to go shopping in Wurzburg and I was very careful about what I spent my pocket money on.

MG 3179

See, very careful. How much do you think these were? In Tesco’s they are about £1.25 each (4 for £5 if I remember correctly). In Lidls they are 99¢ a bottle. I really would love to live in Germany, but I don’t think it would be for very long, the alcohol is too cheap.

We had a pleasant evening in the stellplatz, two churches were competing to see who had the loudest bells, one church was in a different time zone though and kept ringing 100 o/clock for some reason. Luckily they all stopped at 10pm but started again at 7am.

MG 3180

Next stop and only the second place to get ticked off on our current tour of Europe is Bamberg. The stellplatz is €15 per night, holds 25 motorhomes officially and currently has about 40 residents. Nice walk into town and then we see blue flashing lights. Streets are closed and we think there has been a big accident. It turns out to be a protest march and we eventually work out it is one of the Extinction Rebellion rallies that are taking place worldwide today.

MG 3182

Book sale in the shopping centre, don’t think I need this one.

MG 3184

Bamberg is a very old town, it was very prosperous in the 12th century and this is the Old Town Hall or Rathuas as it is known here.

MG 3186

The walls of the Rathuas are lavishly decorated. This building was built in 1755.

Bamberg is on the World Heritage List which aims to protect world and national heritage. Bamberg is listed because it is a representative example of an early medieval town both in it’s plan and many well preserved buildings. 

MG 3189

And it’s full of tourists.

MG 3190

The river surrounds the old town.

MG 3192

Looking back at the Town Hall, it’s a very pretty town and no wonder so many people come here.

MG 3195

At the top of the hill is the Cathedral founded in 1007 by Emperor Henry II and his consort Cunigold. The cathedral has two choirs, one at each end and was consecrated in 1012 by 30 Bishops. After a couple of devastating fires the Cathedral was rebuilt and this version was consecrated in 1237.

MG 3203

This is Henry II and his missus, carved in 1513 by Tilman Reimenschneider.

MG 3205

Next door the Old Court buildings begun life as a fort. In 1003 a palace was built here by Henry II which became the seat of the first Bamberg Bishop in 1007.

MG 3207

The gothic half timbered buildings were built in 1475 and now house the historical museum of the city.

MG 3213

Obviously, the beer needs checking, Lucy went for the dunkel on the right, mines a drunkel doppelbeck. Both very tasty.

MG 3216

Another view of the Town Hall.

MG 3217

And a random gondola after having taken a wrong turning.

MG 3218

Federweisser needs checking as well. Luckily for me Lucy needs lots of comfort breaks and the best place for those is in a local hostelry.

We do have access to wifi here but someone has parked between us and the signal, not sure when you’ll get this, we could be going dark for a few days since our next target stelllatz charges €3 per hour (or €15 per week) for wifi and my data allowance is being eroded at a frightening rate. We’ve used one third of it in a week and have three weeks left before it renews.

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  1. Giorgio

    Thank you Mark.
    Good to see you and Lucy are having a good time.
    The photos are looking great.
    Perhaps you will be able to do a post on the camera equipment you’re using? or just let me know by email how you get them to look so clear 🙂
    Wurzburg has several interesting churches and great views. Germany at its best.

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