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Disappointment after disappointment

Wednesday 18th September

We really shouldn’t have anything to complain about but some days just don’t work out quiet as well as they should. We left you on Monday and things were going very well. We had some very good financial news in the evening…

MG 3148

… and beer of the day was top notch. It’s one of the seven I bought from the Faust brewery and I’m drinking it out of the glass we borrowed from the pub and it is sat on the correct beer mat. To make it clear,  I told Bernhard that it is customary to take beer glasses in the UK and Lucy liked this particular glass. While I nipped off to the toilets Bernhard asked the barmaid and we were given a clean glass from behind the bar. I don’t think I’ll ever have enough beer to fill every glass and stein we’ve now got in Frankie.

MG 3149

We left you last time with a photo of the Johannisburg Palace and here is the view inside the courtyard. The building is very imposing sitting high looking over the River Main giving great views overlooking the area which was it’s downfall really. During the war it was used as a command centre by the Germans and was bombed into a total wreck by the allies. Only the inner and out walls remained.

MG 3152

This is what it looked like in the 14th century. whilst it was a summer palace for the Archbishops.

MG 3151

In 1803 it was developed into something approaching it’s modern exterior by King Luwig I of Bavaria. 

MG 3150

And left like this after the war. In 1955 rebuilding started trying to keep the red sandstone exterior close to the original but the internal rooms are mostly bare and unwelcoming.

MG 3154

The palace does contain the worlds largest collection of cork models, mostly of Roman buildings such as the Pantheon. The detailing was incredible.

MG 3155

And the Colosseum. It was great to see some of the places that we had visited on previous trips. There are a total of 45 models constructed from 1792 by the court confectioner, Carl May and his son. A couple of the rooms had some indicative decorations but the State Galleries, the vestment chambers and royal living quarters are closed due to ongoing renovations.

MG 3156

One of the unique features of the palace was the chapel designed by Hans Juncker in the early 17th century, almost totally destroyed during the war and recreated. 

MG 3160

Another view of the palace on our way to the Pompeiianum.

MG 3157

This is our first view of the Pompeiianum, a reconstruction of what an idealised Roman villa might have looked like. It was commissioned by King Ludwig I and completed in 1848

MG 3159

The paths and gardens were very picturesque along the way…

MG 3161

…but it didn’t really do it for me. We’ve been to real villas and see real floor mosaics and wall paintings. Sorry, did’t like it.

The aire at Ashaffenberg was metered in 24 hours sessions and we arrived 20 minutes too late to leave and not have to pay for two nights. It’s a nice enough aire so not too much of a problem to stay a second night but only becasue we were prepared for it. You have to keep your water, gas and battery topped up and your toilet and waste water empty. Make sure you always have enough food to eat and liquids to drink and your life becomes far more flexible. You can make last minute changes and it doesn’t matter at all.

MG 3164

I wasn’t very keen on this either. I did string out those seven bottles for a couple of days and this is the last one I took out of the fridge. I used to make beer at home and this tasted just like the wort, malt dissolved in water just waiting for the yeast to be added. At least it was Isotonic, whatever that means. 

MG 3171

This morning the sun was shining and we made the arduous journey to our next stop, 20 miles down the autoroute to Wertheim, home of one of the biggest motorhome dealers I have ever seen.

MG 3172

28,000 square meters of closed motor home dealers. It was open yesterday and if we hadn’t gone 20 minutes over our allotted time we would have been here to see it open and buy the new tap we need because the old one is leaking. On the up side they have a free aire and the electric is only €1 for 3 hours so we can top up all the electrical thingies that don’t like our inverter.

MG 3167

To cap it all, this is the view at the back of Frankie.

IMG 20190918 123015055

I’ve not seen one of these before, put your money in, put your empty gas bottle in and a fresh bottle pops out the door.

The news got even better for me. We are right next door to Wertheim Village, an enormous designer fashion village – just my luck. It was like going around Bluewater and Lakeside but with all the men friendly shops removed. There were a couple of man creches but they were all fully occupied by sullen looking men already. My next business venture will be to stick my name on a piece of clothing and then sell it for ten times what it’s worth, I’ll make a fortune but will need some seed money, send cash to me.

IMG 20190918 142813692

Here’s a photo for our grand-children, it’s a six foot high Haar stood next to Ba“nana”.

Tomorrow will be far better, I’m sure.

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