Where's Frankie?

I’m OK mum, don’t worry

Monday 26th September

Just a well that I got up early and put on my number one drinking tee shirt because her ladies ship has decided that we have had enough of Augsburg and the very noisy river and we are going to Munich. It was a very easy drive along the autobahn and Frankie tried keeping up with the Audis and BMWs but as we’ve said earlier, he is a bit lardy and the outside lane isn’t the best place\ for a slow coach. It is also possible that he us overloaded with indicator fluid and no one else has to worry about that stuff.,


So here we are, outside some place,  haven’t got a clue where we are, can’t be anything special. The taxi driver wanted €35 to get to Munich so it can only be a mile or tow to the centre of town.


Lets just say, one and a half hours bike ride so we can get to a underground station and then three trains and then a very long walk and voila. Das Mobile Rip Off System. No bags, rucsacs or suicide vests allowed. I’ve had to pay €7 to let them look after our rucsac for an hour or three. (Mr tight arse gets more angry soon). Another tip, do not follow anyone wearing a Dirndle or lederhosen expecting them all to be going to a beer festival, it’s what they really wear here.


We have arrived at the Munich Beer Festival, lots of rides.


And big rides, Lucy got carried away with the beer tents so we didn’t get the chance to go high flying.


And this is one of the beer tents. It’s easy to get confused, it had beer, it wasn’t a tent – get over it.


And there was a whole line of “tents” that weren’t tents until you went into a tent and then it was very tenths.


Here is our tent, only selected because the music was far less offensive than any of the other tents. Eins, zwei  und uber alles


Does my head look big in this? 


You can see I’m going to have problems with this one, one, one sip and she has a beer moustache.


These are our best friends of today. All the way from Sydney, via Earls Court. None of then have ever heard of Harry and I spoke to some other Australians but they had never heard of him either. I’m starting to wonder if he ever made it out there.


Four litres in and she’s on the nibbles. The guy behind Lucy with the bald head is 36years old and had just bought an 8 room house in Switzerland for €1,000,000. He’s an engineer, he bought us a 2 pint each, we like him.


Unfortunately my best drinking tee- shirt isn’t in the obligatory check shirt pattern, I stick out like a sore thumb, especially being as good looking as what I is.


I like dirndls, double dirndls are better.


Vanessa Phelps dropped in between diets.


I think Wetherspoons is missing a trick here, 2 pints in a glass, who could say no?


Our very bestest friends in the whole wide world. The girls on the right has just got the only job going in Manchester on the sports radio station, the other three are just waiting to be exported (again).



Look at my leg mummy, your daughter in law really isn’t looking after your little soldier – chop off her head I say. After 30 minutes in the beer festival someone starts nagging, : we’ve got to get home, lets go now” but then she changes her mind and has lots more to drink” and then when we do start going home she gets all funny about me reading a map which is when I fall off (once or twice or maybe three times). 

I have spent shed loads of money today. €7  for rucsac storage, €15 for the stellplatz (free electric), €12.60 train ticket, €11 per 2 pint, €6 per pretzel, etc and at the beginning it seemed a bit naff but it got better and better and ended up nearly as good as a night in spoons with all my besties. I did say to Lucy at the beginning, once was enough, but now I could be persuaded to try again!

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