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Tuesday 27th September

Sorry about yesterdays blog, it got accidentally posted before Lucy could check it and bearing in mind that I don’t remember catching two trains, cycling home, falling off my bike three times, once in front of a police car and then writing the blog and spending all night vowing to give up drinking, it is probably best that I don’t go back and see how bad it was.

I’d emailed Darren and Mandy who we met in Wurzburg and last night they replied that they would be visiting Andech Monastery which just happened to have a brewery next door so after recuperating, off we pootled looking for LPG and diesel and finally finding the Monastery at lunchtime.

MG 8400

Frankie and Herman like two peas in a pod with the Monastery beyond.

MG 8403 HDR

We walked up the hill and after managing to avoid the ticket office let ourselves into the church and wow.

MG 8413 HDR


MG 8422 HDR

More WOW

MG 8428 HDR

MG 8432 HDR

All around the edge of the church were lots of confessional boxes, I think they are for the naughty people who sneaked past the ticket office. We tried to get up the tower but since we didn’t have any change thought it best to visit the brewery and see if they had some Euro coins.

MG 8438

Here is a view of the tower, again richly decorated.

MG 8439

I’d like to give you more details but all the signs are in German, I’ll try again tomorrow. It could be that the lady in the ticket office had the leaflet we needed to see what was what.

MG 8440

Luckily we managed to find the brewery and my German didn’t let me down here.

MG 8442

The view from the bar, the stellplatz is just beyond the two white buildings, the fields in the distance are being harvested and all is quiet until the top of the hour because we are right next door to a Monastery with proper bells.

MG 8443

Dates on the side of the brewery.

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