Where's Frankie?

Maintaining a relationship

Tuesday 16th June

It’s been 8 months on the road now and some of you are wondering how we have managed to maintain our relationship and still remain friends after spending so long in a confined space.

Let me say there have been high points and low points, I’ve shouted at her, thought about throwing her off the top of a cliff, considered swapping her for a crate of beer and a packet of crisps or just leaving her behind.

Now, I know which buttons to press and have coerced her on many occasions into doing what I want. No matter how loud I have shouted or severely I have sworn she has always stayed calm, even when she has been in the wrong, and we have always managed to work things out in the end. The trouble is she keeps talking and repeating herself and never listens to me, sometimes there seems to be no end to the verbal torrent.

My dad said it would never work and is still baffled after all this time at how successful we have been as a team, and I do think of us as a team now. It just wouldn’t be the same without her.

All we need now is to update her maps and we’re off again in October.





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