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Where did all the time go?

Thursday 30th July

I bet you all thought we’d forgotten about you! Sorry, we’ve been home for 6 weeks now but the time has just flown by. We’ve been out with SE Region Trailer Tent Group, the British Caravanners Club, twice with East Essex, a Club Site (HOW MUCH?) and to a small quiet Certificated Site. In fact we’ve hardly been at home, as soon as we parked out the front we had itchy feet.

I’m just waiting for Lucy to get ready and then we’ll be off to Merryweather Farm in Chipping Norton for the next four weeks, we’re stewarding the East Essex Temporary Holiday Site.

We’ve made a couple of little changes to the things we’re carrying. Out went two large saucepans which were replaced by one pressure cooker, some bowls were kicked out, (how many bowls do we really need) and the electric kettle (we never used it in case we blew the site electrics)  but that was about it. Having caravanned for so long we had most of the things we really needed.

I did buy a Cadac Mini Safari stove which I can plug into the external gas point and took out the smoker (lovely taste but a bugger to clean). A couple of guide books were kicked out only to be replaced by some cookery books.

We don’t know if there will be any internet in Chipping Norton (has it got to the countryside yet?) which is why I’m writing now. 

After Chipping Norton we are off to Clacton for the beer festival and air display, then the MOT, the motorhome service in Northampton and then off for a week to stay with mother. We’re doing another three weeks stewarding at Porth Beach and then off we go again. At the moment we are planning on returning to Calais on 14th October, any chance that they will have sorted out the problems by then? After Calais who knows? We have a vague idea but that is liable to change at any moment.

Hope the sun stays bright for all of you and you have a lovely summer.

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