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Planning? Who needs planning?

Thursday 19th November

When we woke Wednesday morning the sun was blazing down and the skies were clear.

We’ve got a good free wifi signal here, electric and the sun was shining so we (I) decided to get the printer out and do some accounts. Nowadays there isn’t much to do and it was all finished by lunchtime. Hopefully that’s the last of it until the next VAT return in January.

MG 6762

Last night was great chatting with Julie and Jason, weird though that we had known them for four years but they had only just met us. Jason seemed pretty impressed that we had managed to work everything out but with the amount of information in www.ourtour.co.uk it is hard not to let some of it rub off on you.

Talking of Julie and Jason’s blog, we’ve been featured in it with our mugshots and since then our subscriber numbers have skyrocketed. Welcome to all of you new Frankie followers. I hope you’re not expecting anything even half as exciting as Julie and Jason’s blog, we are muddling along with minimal plans (we have to be in Faro the week before Xmas, how we get there is very undecided). At the moment we are waiting for the cloud to lift and looking over the maps, other than filling up with LPG I have no idea where we are going today. Where are we sleeping tonight – no idea, does it matter – NO!!

What I will tell you if you are here because you want to give it a go, it is far, far easier than you think it will be. There will be problems (hopefully minor), there is a language barrier, but France, Spain and Portugal were designed with motorhomes in mind. If we can do it I know you can.

MG 6765

We’ve discovered what the future housing development is for, grazing sheep and goats. The goat bells have been jingling away all day. Beware of the roundabout, Stella tells us it has got a 3.5t weight limit and there are 6 of them in a row, she wasn’t too happy when we disobeyed her orders.

MG 6766

Behind us is the Pireneum, really not sure what that is, there is no one around to ask but looking through the hedge it looks like a model railway layout with some very intricate model buildings. Can anyone tell us what this building is, I’ve tried the Google picture search but that didn’t help. The French guy next to us didn’t have a clue and the Spanish couple are still asleep. Just found this building, it is the Basilica del Pilar in Zaragoza.

MG 6767

Heres another building, I’ve checked both of our Spanish guides and can’t see anything similar.

The Municipal Police came round in the afternoon collecting site fees. Not from us, we had paid €4 the night before so €4 for 2 nights with electricity and water – can’t be bad.

5 thoughts on “Planning? Who needs planning?

  1. Wayne & Angie

    Hi Guys, you just showed on our radar. (Thanks to Our Tour) just catching up with you & your travels, great work! some great phots, love the ‘moody’ ones. We are down near Garrucha, Spain having taken since 11/9 to get here…no real plans, just loving it! All the best …Wayne

    1. Mark Post author

      As far as I can see you’re doing it right, three months, do a little day by day. I think we’re about to blast along for a few days and get out of the snow. Hope to see you one day and swap some stories.

  2. Prudence

    Europe seems to cater really well for campers, too, so it may be a good idea! Camping around France, Italy and Spain is on my must-do wihstlis-. Thanks for making me chuckle, Chica

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